I love languages

I am here to help you live your French dream.

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Meet the founder


I’m Célia, I’m French, I was born in Avignon in south of France and I graduated from La Sorbonne in Paris.

I speak 4 foreign languages. English, German, Spanish, and Portuguese from Brazil. I do not master some of them perfectly, but when I visit the countries where those languages are spoken, I dare to speak. It gives my experiences a whole different level, and I feel able to connect much more with people.

My best English teacher wasn’t a teacher by profession: it was actually my first lover.

I’m now fluent in English and it gave me access to so many great reads and videos, that did not exist in French. It opened up so many job opportunities and allowed me to meet incredible people for around the world and make new amazing friends.

This is this vision that I hold in mind when I teach.

I want my students to be empowered by the thought of possibilities opening up to them while speaking a foreign language.

I want my class to be very multisensory and joyful. Each class is an experience where we do eat, we laugh, we simulate actual real life situations, and we virtually visit actual places I curated for you. I make your experience very personalised, as I carefully listen to your needs and I’m totally present for you.

I cherish every single moment with my students, and I’m grateful that many of them are now some of my closest friends.

I have the chance to travel to France with some of my students and I thrive on how proud they get when they accomplish new challenges in French. Those are wonderful memories: when the kids get to buy an ice-cream by themselves in French for the first time, or when a shy student books a table and order lunch in French for the first time sees that’s it’s actually working and look at the situation like magic.

If you want to speak French for real and start talking from day one, you have found your place!

Visit my LinkedIn page if you want to know more about my background and follow me on Instagram for my latest adventures.