It’s not perfect… it's fine, I’m a beginner!

This was my first article about being a beginner I wrote it in June, but I was scared of publishing it because of being a beginner... How ironical is this? 


4 MONTHS AGO: June 2015

I started learning editing two weeks ago and I made this video to teach some French basics. This video is far from being perfect but I’ve gave myself a strict deadline to publish it. I’m a beginner in editing and I’m going to have this feeling of “not being as good as I wish” for quite some time. I decided to be fine with this, I decided to embrace it.

 Embrace being a beginner at something and be a great beginner! That’s what I tell to my French 101 students. A lot of them are actually scared to talk from the first class…  They think that once, they know a little more, they will feel more comfortable to talk. Their plan is usually just to be a spectator for the first classes and to start trying to speak after a couple of weeks… I don’t let this happen! They have to start talking from day one. They have to take the risk of exposure and to challenge themselves to talk. Postponing the moment they will start talking is just the fear of not being good enough or of sounding ridiculous. You know what? When you are a beginner at something, YOU ARE NOT RIDICULOUS!

You are someone courageous, willing to learn and grow. You deserve to be encouraged for trying, for making mistakes. If anyone is not supporting you, or trying to make fun of you, they are the one being ridiculous. People with a growing mindset are kind-hearted and understanding when it comes to making a lot of mistakes. Re-using and sharing what you are learning, from the beginning with people with good intentions is actually accelerating the learning process; it makes you accountable, it gives you more confidence, and you just keep going. With time, you will be as good as you wanted because you kept practicing, sharing and getting feedbacks.

If you start something new, like learning a new language, chances are high that you are going to “suck” for quite some time, you are even going to sound funny… and it’s PERFECTLY fine! Embrace it! Love it! Be kind to yourself!

You’re a beginner, keep learning and keep growing!




Ps: French is my mother tongue and this is my first blog article in English… there are probably some mistakes but in one year from now, I’ll be as good as I want ;) 

My first video ;) Sweet memories from June 2015 

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